The Swift river (right) is a very unique tailwater that flows out of the Quabin Reservoir at windsor dam in Belchertown. There's a fly-fishing only stretch of the river from the Windsor Dam to the Route 9 bridge which has great wade fishing opportunities. The upper stretch is mostly slower deeper water with lots of big bows, brook trout and some big browns that offer great chances to sight fish with dries and small nymphs.


The Deerfield river (left) has over 70 miles of trout water starting in southern VT, running through the foothills of the berkshires and dumping into the Connecticut river in Deerfield, MA.  There are four large reservoirs that have bottom release (tailwater) dams which keep the trout in the river healthy and active all year round.  Although there are many great stretches of river in VT, we generally concentrate on the 35 miles of trout water in MA. Depending on water flows and temps, we catch browns and rainbows throwing dries, nymphs, and streamers.  The beauty of the deerfield is that it offers opportunities to catch wild trout year round!


The Millers river (left) is a typical southern New England river that flows from Winchendon through S. Royalston, Athol, Orange, Erving, and into the Connecticut in Montague.  There are a number of different floats we offer on the Millers. There are browns, rainbows, and brookies with 17+ inch fish caught throughout the season!  We generally do our floats in the spring and fall when the river is over 200 cfs.