I’ve been out with a lot of guides and Dan was absolutely one of if not THE best. Great day, great fish and Dan was a blast to hangout with for the day.
— Dan G.
Fantastic guide service, with a very talented staff. You are guaranteed a quality experience with top notch service and knowledge.
— Jesse H.
Excellent instruction, superior guiding. Friendly and always professional. I will go again.
— Cath F.
Exceeded my expectations 10 fold...
The Best of The Best
— Brian G.
First time fly fishing yesterday ..
A “no rod.. no reel”.. wanna be ..which Dan had no idea of until we shook hands at 8 am..
Went from zero and I mean zero experience to landing a few “bows” by the end of the day..
What a great day on the Deerfield! Dan did an excellent job making it happen.. somehow
I think he had that Golden Eagle flying over the raft staged ..
Highly Recommended
— Charlie R.
Calm, skilled teachers, extremely knowledgeable and one the best experiences of my life were a small sample of the praises that were sung about the memorable day for all four on Saturday!! Thank you so much for sharing this experience with our Dads and husbands... I can not think of a better guide or way to celebrate the outdoors and the beauty of Franklin County! They are talking about next year already... and we hope to make it too!!
— Shalee P.
Tom & Dan are the best guides ever! Wish I had time to expound more!
— Walter S.
Dan is as knowledgeable as he is friendly. I had a great time I told him what I wanted to do and he put me in the spots to make it happen. I had more shots at big fish in my short time with him than a whole year on my home river. Definitely booking again.
— Travis P.
Excellent guiding. Made me love the Deerfield River all over again. An awesome trip, and many trout were caught and released. I learn something new every time I go on a trip with these guys. Next up, a WINTER float.
— Katya B.
Never had a better day of fishing than with these guys. They definitely know what they are doing.
— Colby E.